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Authentic Collaboration: Practical Tips to Lead and Energize Your Team with Edward van Luinen and Tricia Cerrone

Episode 38

My guests on this episode believe that they have cracked the code on improved collaboration and creating healthy organizational culture. It’s an issue that most companies need to address--especially since a recent Salesforce Survey found that 85% of respondents said that the primary reason for failed projects and workplace failures is “poor communication and an overall lack of collaboration.” Few people would disagree; however, most people don’t know how to fix it. Our guests believe the answer is authentic collaboration.

About the Guests

Tricia Cerrone

Courage and collaboration are hallmarks of Tricia’s global leadership experience, whether it is leading a project, innovating new designs, or overseeing a portfolio of work. With a keen eye for talent and more than 20 years on the business and production side of designing and delivering technically challenging projects at Disney and other Fortune 500 companies, Tricia is adept at inspiring and motivating teams toward successful outcomes while advancing careers and developing new leaders. She is also an award winning author and screenwriter, as well as co-CEO of Authentic Collaboration.

Edward van Luinen

Edward is CEO and Board Advisor of Global Talent Builders, LLC, a worldwide recruiting, change, DE&I, and workforce development company in Pasadena, California, as well as co-CEO of Authentic Collaboration. His corporate talent and change experience features Walt Disney Imagineering, Sony, Heineken, and Avon Products, Inc. Edward’s collaboration motto is “advance a team member when you advance yourself.” He has worked in Africa, Europe, and North America. Edward collaborates in both French and English.

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