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Building an Elite Sales Team with Dan Fantasia

Episode 62

Revenue is the lifeblood of any business and it’s one of the factors that determines success or failure. As a result, one could rationally argue that the revenue generators are the most important people in any for profit business. But finding high-quality, committed sales professionals isn’t easy. And keeping your top performers can be equally challenging. There’s no worse day for a sales manager than when one of his top producers calls to say that she’s leaving to pursue another opportunity.
That’s why I think my conversation with Dan Fantasia, founder of Treeline, one of the world’s premier sales recruiting agencies, will be so important for you to hear. And even if you’re not responsible for leading sales teams or recruiting sales people, please continue to listen because we’re also going to talk about building teams that excel and have great cultures–topics that apply to every leader.

About the Guest
Dan Fantasia has been in the field of sales recruiting since 1997 and founded Treeline in 2001. His exclusive focus on helping companies build world-class, elite sales teams has helped to change the lives of over 3,300 sales professionals. Dan has built a deep knowledge of what it takes to build and grow a top-producing business. As a proven sales leader and innovator, Fantasia has created a positively charged culture that promotes the good in every person, resulting in a team that has developed best-in-practice methodologies and technology that continues to revolutionize the industry.

What You’ll Learn
How do you hire top producers?
How did you build consistently high performing sales teams?
What is your system for ongoing talent assessment?
What are your options to consider when creating the right incentive plans?

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Minute By Minute: 0:02 Introduction to the importance of revenue and sales in business. 1:20 Introduction of Dan Fantasia, founder of TreeLine, a premier sales recruiting agency. 3:03 Discussion about Boston and its sports culture. 3:56 Dr. Mike shares his background in sales and management. 4:23 The importance of sales in any organization and the priority of hiring great salespeople. 5:20 Challenges in finding and retaining top sales performers. 7:18 The importance of understanding the sales model and characteristics needed for top sales talent. 9:00 The process of consulting with companies to find the right sales candidates. 10:07 Real-world challenges in hiring and adjusting expectations. 11:02 The perception of sales as a career and its changes over time. 13:00 Universities offering sales degrees and the positive impact on the profession. 14:00 Differences between a sales professional and a salesperson. 15:00 Different roles within sales and career paths. 16:20 Building a top-producing sales team and strategies for small and large companies. 17:20 The innovator's challenge in hiring the first salesperson and understanding the sales process. 18:50 Importance of building a systematic approach to sales and having patience. 20:05 Setting accurate expectations and having patience with new sales hires. 21:00 Retaining top salespeople and understanding their motivations. 22:25 Strategies for keeping sales teams motivated and happy. 23:58 Importance of feedback and adjusting company strategies based on team input. 25:25 The role of compensation in retaining top sales talent. 27:18 Balancing fixed and variable compensation for different sales roles. 27:45 Keeping sales teams engaged during economic downturns or slumps. 29:07 The importance of setting realistic goals and adjusting them as needed. 30:35 Keeping a positive outlook and setting a motivational tone for the team. 31:00 Developing team members for growth and retention. 33:00 Integrating personal and professional growth in sales training. 34:20 Treeline's success through various economic challenges and available resources. 35:13 Final piece of practical advice: Start each day with a positive mindset. 36:20 Closing remarks and contact information for Dan Fantasia.

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