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Building Your Professional Network Authentically with Racquel Cagurangan

Episode 29

Many years ago, I had a professor in grad school who often said, “Your success will almost always be based on the people you know and the stories they tell about you.” I have found his assessment to be absolutely true as I progressed through my career and now serve clients as a speaker, consultant, and coach. In fact, virtually all of my recent client engagements have resulted from a previous student, colleague, or client who knew and respected me, and recognized that I could add value to their current organization. In short, it really is all about relationships. But how does one build a professional network organically and authentically in 2022? In a post-Covid world where more and more people work remotely, there seem to be fewer mixers or conferences to attend, and people tend to rely on social media more and more for information and sense of connection, how do we build meaningful relationships? Where do you find people that you would feel comfortable asking for assistance, a referral, or seeking their opinion on a pressing matter that has caused you some sleepless nights? To some, networking has uninviting connotations. If working the room, handing out business cards, and inviting new acquaintances to coffee doesn’t feel natural, then this episode just might be for you. Today, we’re going all the way to Manila, in the Philippines, to talk with someone who has built a powerful network in natural, authentic ways–because she cares deeply about the causes and people with whom she is involved. As a result, some call her the most well connected woman in the Philippines. In this episode, you’ll learn: The value of networking The right mindset for networking Why connecting with relevant people is the priority How to be a maven and influencer Guest’s Bio Racquel Cagurangan is currently the GM for International SOS operations in the Philippines. Until recently, she was Head of Ambulatory Care of Metro Pacific Health, the largest hospital group in the country prior to joining her new post. She also led a chain of medical clinics, mobile xray business and managed over 200 company clinics with over 300% revenue growth in 5 years. She used to be the general manager of a well-known mall-based clinics and was COO of the largest HMO in the Philippines. She served as Treasurer of the Philippine Ambulatory Surgical Center Association and Chairman of the Management Association of the Philippines’ Health and Wellness Committee this year. Racquel has been very visible in the healthcare industry for the past decade however; she started in the telecom industry and served 11 years in AT&T and 6 years in the biggest mobile company in the country, Globe Telecom where she was one of the youngest Vice Presidents. She was also Chief Administrative Officer in Globe’s wireline subsidiary, Innove. She moved on to the online digital industry in 2009 as GM of 88DB handling 5 web portals in Asia Pacific most notably, the only web partner of Philippines’ first automated election At one point in her career, she was GM of a call center with 800 agents and called herself “Chief Maven”. She continues to advocate for the contact center industry to date. She is now an Institute of Corporate Directors' Fellow promoting corporate governance and sustainability, a case discussion Leader for Harvard Business, president of Reef Check Philippines and an active member of the Filipina CEO Advisors. In her spare time, she plays badminton, golf, poker or sing karaoke and ballroom dancing. Links for This Episode: LinkedIn: Email: Facebook: Racquel Reyes Caguragan What’sApp / Viber: +639178980142 or +639689801424

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