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Creating a Conflict Competent Workplace with Dr. Robyn Short

Episode 42

Many people will quickly say that they want to avoid conflict in the workplace. That’s not surprising because anyone who has experienced conflict know that it is usually very unpleasant. It usually throws us off our game, becomes an enormous waste of time, and has the potential to create long-lasting strife if not handled well. In some cases, it causes us to lose sleep, perhaps feel ill, and elevates stress levels far beyond what we normally experience. Needless to say, conflict is no fun. But guest will make the case for more productive and meaningful conflicts through the creation of conflict competent workplaces. She takes a systems approach to conflict management and offers online training to develop skills that are immediately useful in the workplace. If you want to make conflict more productive, please listen. About Our Guest Dr. Robyn Short is the founder and CEO of Workplace Peace Institute, a consulting and research firm that brings peace and dignity to the workplace. She works as an organization development consultant, peace-building trainer, mediator, racial equity coach, and restorative justice facilitator. She is also an instructor for the Workplace Peace Institute Leadership Academy. Robyn has served as an adjunct professor at Southern Methodist University in the Master of Conflict Management and Dispute Resolution program and Master of Leadership and Negotiation at Bay Path University. She has guest lectured at Pepperdine University Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution and Creighton University’s Master of Negotiation and Conflict Resolution program. She has authored four books on peace building. What You’ll Learn: What conflict teaches us about the human condition How conflict can help us recognize what’s important to people How conflict (healthy opposition) benefits teams How the benefits of conflict can be harnessed Why understanding conflict from a systems perspective is helpful to drive lasting change What a conflict competent workplace looks like Links for This Episode: 5 Strategies to Resolve Conflict in the Workplace The Cost of Workplace Conflict Managers Need to Manage Workplace Conflict Connect with Dr. Mike: Website: Book: LinkedIn: Instagram: Twitter: Buy The Book!: Mission First People Always Episode Minute By Minute: 0:00 Let’s talk about conflict in the workspace 3:10 Get to know annd welcome back Dr. Robyn Short 7:29 Inside the Leadership Academy through Workplace Peace Institute 13:03 Why Dr. Robyn is so interested in conflict management 17:14 Embracing conflict management from a “systems perspective” 21:41 Defining toxic ecosystems and cultures 24:21 Why harmony is not the goal in the workplace 29:57 A violation of basic human needs and a violation of dignity needs 34:36 Is success preventing conflict by inspiring success and dignity 37:51 Not just empathy but making sure someone is heard 41:08 The importance of conflict competent leaders 46:41 One thing you can do to become a more effective leader, teammate,and human in the world

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