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Everyone Benefits when Women of Color Feel Belonging at Work with Dr. Christine Coleman

Episode 57

It’s March and Women’s History Month, so what better way to celebrate than to speak with someone who leads an organization dedicated to helping women overcome societal barriers by providing educational and empowering experiences that promote sisterhood and community. Sol Sisters, the organization we’re highlighting today believes, as I do, that all women deserve to feel safe, supported, and celebrated. And since we talk about leadership and teamwork in the workplace on the Mission First People Always Podcast, we’re going to hone in on how everyone benefits when women of color feel belonging in the workplace. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case, but we’re here to learn how to change that, so settle in for an informative and empowering conversation.

About our Guest
Dr. Christine Coleman, LMFT, is a licensed therapist, executive coach, and the founder of Sol Sisters, a Bay area nonprofit that empowers women of color to overcome societal barriers. She has trained leading companies like Pinterest, Business Wire, Coursera, Udemy, Salesforce, and the Major League Baseball Network in mental health, inclusivity, and belonging initiatives. Dr. Coleman has been in Harvard Business Review, Fast Company, Vogue, MSN, and Huffington Post, and has spoken at Yale’s Mental Health Conference, UC Berkeley’s Women of Color Conference, the American College Health Association (ACHA), and more. Dr. Coleman received the University of San Francisco’s “Living the Mission” award for her dedication to serving women and girls. About Sol Sisters Founded in 2013 by Dr. Christine Coleman, Sol Sisters’ mission is to help women overcome societal barriers by providing educational and empowering experiences that promote sisterhood and community across the Bay Area. It brings events and services to women that are focused on four areas of health that enrich, empower and evolve women of all backgrounds and financial situations.

Based in Oakland, Sol Sisters is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit.
For more information and to contribute to its mission, please visit

What You’ll Learn
The difference between being included and feeling like you belong Why everyone benefits when women of color feel a sense of belonging at work

How to leverage employee resource groups to foster real connections in your team Opportunity Later this spring Sol Sisters will be unveiling its free Enrich membership, which aims to be an educational and empowering platform that provides under-resourced women with the tools they need to further their professional, mental, physical, and creative development.

The first session will focus on financial literacy, and the new membership will also receive access to Sol Sisters’ Empower Retreats, where they can enjoy wellness, educational and professional opportunities all in one day.

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