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Grief in the Workplace with Kim Kerr

Episode 21

Grief is both a very individual experience as well as a universal reality. At some point in our lives, we will all lose something or someone that we hold dear to us. It will make a significant impact on who we are, how we understand the world, and how we do our work, but the thing to know about grief is that, while painful, it can ultimately lead to a deeper appreciation for life and living. In the end, this can only strengthen our resolve to lead meaningful, full lives. When we are grieving, it can be hard to put into words the wide array of emotions that we feel: regret, outrage, sadness, guilt, and helplessness among them. In times like this, it’s often helpful to turn to the wise words of others who have also experienced grief — both as a means of support and a reminder that things will get easier over time. As renowned painter Henri Matisse once said, “​​The pain passes, but the beauty remains.” Welcome Back! On this episode of the Mission First People Always podcast, we talk with a trained Grief Recovery Specialist and longtime HR professional who will give us some excellent advice on how to help people–our most precious resource–work through these tough times. Today's guest is Kim Kerr. Presently, Kim works at Meta as a Program Manager in People Experience and leads the Jobs and Career Expectations Program. She is also a certified Grief Recovery Specialist and has a number of passions–all fueled by her heart to serve others. Kim holds a master’s degree in organizational communication from the School of Communication at Northwestern University in Chicago, where she focused her research on teams and relationships and organizational effectiveness. She has completed doctoral studies at Pepperdine University’s Graduate School of Education and Psychology. Kim is a lifelong learner. She holds certificates in OD Consulting from Depaul University, Change Management from LaMarsh Global, Relationship Intelligence from Core Strengths, and the Grief Recovery Method from The Grief Recovery Institute and Sunrise at Midnight. Join our conversation to learn how you can best support your team through difficult times, and for more resources, check out the links below! On today's episode, you'll learn: Common causes of grief that impact the workplace Costs and consequences of grief in the workplace How grief manifests/shows up in the workplace What managers should do in response What resources are available to managers You can access grief recovery resources at: Grief Recovery Center: Grief Recovery Handbook: You can reach Kim Kerr at: Website: LinkedIn:

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