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Inclusioning with Ray Linder

Episode 13

Welcome back to the Mission First People Always Podcast! Any organization that wants to upgrade its workplace environment is familiar with the terms diversity, equity, and inclusion. That's because they are essential when it comes to bringing out the best in people and elevating performance.

Let's begin with some simple definitions, so we’re all on the same page:

Diversity means that differences are present. In the workplace, the differences we refer to are largely related to aspects of our humanity that are legally protected against discrimination like race, gender, ethnicity, disability, and sexual orientation. Other aspects of diversity include religion, religious commitment, political perspective, nationality, and even personality type. In fact, anything that makes us unique can be considered an element of diversity. Many scholarly studies have proven that more diverse teams tend to perform at a higher level than those teams that lack a diverse membership.

Equity involves the fair distribution of resources, along with fairness and justice in all policies and decisions. Many present inequities are historically rooted and must be recognized to create more equitable organizations today. Inclusion is when everyone feels welcome. One famous metaphor to explain inclusion goes something like this. "Diversity is being invited to the party. Inclusion is being asked to dance.”

It's giving everyone a voice, inviting them to fully participate in organizational life, and helping them feel comfortable doing so.

Of the three, inclusion may be the most difficult to achieve because it focuses on people and how they feel. It's more subtle and nuanced and, therefore, more challenging to develop fully. Because teams are always shifting, and people are coming and going, the work of creating an inclusive environment is ongoing. Our guest today has the insight you need to make this process smooth for everyone.

Join our conversation as I talk with guest Ray Linder! Ray helps government agencies, Fortune 100 companies, and major universities develop leaders, strengthen teamwork, and navigate change. Hit play to learn about what Ray likes to call “Inclusioning” and how you can take your team to the next level.

This episode is rich in useful content, so grab a notebook, listen carefully, and take away several ideas that will help you build a more inclusive team. For more resources or to connect with us, check out the links below!

In this episode, you'll learn:

Why "inclusioning" is the right word to use in describing the ongoing process of helping people to feel included and welcome The business case for being inclusive Why creating an inclusive team is difficult How the "fruit" of inclusion is a better sign that you have an inclusive team or organization than simply talking about how inclusive you are The two critical ingredients needed for inclusion: empathic capacity and curiosity.

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