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Innovation in an Old Industry with Latane Meade and Matt Paulson

Episode 15

Welcome back to Mission First People Always! Today’s guests are two guys who are doing it RIGHT!

They are entrepreneurs who are taking an old, stale, stuffy industry and turning it onto its head by creating a people-centered culture for their clients and for their employees.

How old, stale, and stuffy is their industry you ask? Well, the origins of the title insurance industry date back to 1876 which makes it 146-years old to be exact. And as a point of reference, Ulysses S. Grant was president of the United States and buggy whips were still a thriving business.

Their industry arose because there was an 1868 Pennsylvania Supreme Court Case that brought to light the fact that people could, in good faith and with reasonable due diligence, sell or buy a property and later find out that there was a lien on the property or some other problem that could lead to financial loss for one or more of the parties involved. With limited resources and no insurance backing, the risk of losing a property due to unresolved issues was significant.

Necessity being the “mother of invention,” led a group of sellers in Philadelphia to write the first title insurance policy in 1876 to protect the purchasers of real estate and mortgages against defective titles, liens, and encumbrances.

Of course, things have changed over the last 100-plus years but think about it. If you’ve purchased a home, were you ever excited about your title insurance or who was holding your money in escrow. Did you even care? Could you identify any of the companies by name?

Most likely, you just wanted the transaction to close as quickly as possible and with as little hassle as possible, so you could get on with moving into your new home. You gave little thought to who was handling the title and escrow process.

But today’s guests saw an opportunity within this unexciting industry–an opportunity to do it differently, to do it better, and to make it a different kind of experience for every stakeholder involved in the process.

My guests today are Latane Meade and Matt Paulson, both principals in Allied Title and Escrow, headquartered in the Washington, DC area. They’ve already been featured by a wide array of media outlets like ABC, Fox, CNN, Buzzfeed, and The Washington Post and they are becoming rock stars in their industry.

Hit play to learn exactly how Matt and Latane are breathing new life into their industry. You may even get some ideas of your own, I know I did!

If you’d like to learn more or want to get in touch with us, check out the links below!

In this episode you will learn:

That Latane and Matt see themselves as being in the people business, not the Title and Escrow business, and how this mindset focuses them more on relationships than on transactions. How these two entrepreneurs created a culture with people and relationships as their focus. How a willingness to admit that you're not perfect opens doors to stronger relationships and more committed employees. What is a "givers gain" philosophy The value of turning a transaction into a relationship. And Much More!

Connect with Matt and Latane:

Website: Why We are Different: Allied Title LinkedIn: Facebook: Instagram: allied_title Latane’s LinkedIn: Matt’s LinkedIn:

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