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Lead Deeper with Coaching with Jeremiah Shaw

Episode 35

Coaching is an approach to learning and personal and professional growth that creates self--awareness, drives transformational change, and provides much needed support and an appropriate level of challenge. Some executives have the opportunity to engage professional coaches who are outside of their organization and chain-of-command, and have no loyalties beyond their professional commitment to their clients. Unfortunately, the services of these professional coaches are often expensive and available only to senior executives or high-potential leaders being groomed for the top ranks of an organization. Today we’re talking about how managers can be coaches and bring that benefits of coaching to their team members. We’re also talking about how it’s a great way build a deeper relationship with the folks on our team and truly get to know them as people–not just a means of production. And there are all sorts of benefits when that happens. In fact, everyone benefits from coaching when managers become coaches. On this Episode You’ll Learn How coaching humanizes the workplace How coaching is different than managing, mentoring, performance management, and therapy The business case for workplace coaching The three keys to effective coaching as managers Guest’s Bio Jeremiah Shaw, the President of Strata Consulting, has a genuine desire to understand others’ stories, explore their challenges, and connect them with the resources that support their vision. With the power of positivity and a joyfully mischievous spirit, Jeremiah enjoys helping his clients clarify and enact a full, purposeful life by defining their value-driven vision, professionally, organizationally, and personally. Along with a deep passion for both nonprofits and sales, Jeremiah also possesses a master’s degree in Organizational and Global Leadership from York University and a B.S. in Industrial Safety from the University of Central Oklahoma. As an ACC Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation and a Co-Active trained coach, he can’t help but push those around him to maximize their potential. As a coach, Jeremiah believes that you need to know yourself, accept yourself, and define yourself! Purpose. Values. Direction. Action. Jeremiah lives a very full life with his wife and three children in the quiet town of Clark, Colorado, where the population sign reads with a bold “?.” When not serving clients or spending time with family, Jeremiah will be found wandering the wilderness with his two golden retrievers, Birdie, and Trout, fly-fishing, hunting, mountain biking, skiing, or writing. If it has to do with adventure or family, he is there.

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