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Lead like a Mother with Dr. Anne Welsh

Episode 52

Moms are the hardest working people we know. They juggle demanding careers and family responsibilities in ways that make us wonder just how they do it. In truth, though, some are wondering how long they can keep doing it.

It’s tough to always be “on.” With endless work, far-reaching responsibilities, and never enough time, they wonder how they are going to survive, much less thrive. If this is you or you know someone who might relate to this story, then this episode is for you.

About the Guest: Dr. Anne Welsh is a clinical psychologist, executive coach, and consultant. Dr. Welsh began her career at Harvard University before opening her own practice with a focus on supporting women in STEM, healthcare and law, and working parents across career sectors. Her coaching brings together research and real life experiences to hone leadership skills, improve emotional intelligence and create work-life integration.

What You’ll Learn: Why most working parents are struggling, and often feel like they are alone in their struggle How working parents can intentionally “drop the ball” and set boundaries around what they will and will not do How parents can tune into their strengths and values as a way of finding meaning and making aligned choices How to lean into the strengths and leadership lessons of parents How companies can better support working parents and retain this important talent group  

Links for This Episode: Linkedin: Instagram: @‌dr.welsh.coaching Website: Connect with Dr. Mike:  Website: Book: LinkedIn: Instagram: Twitter: Buy The Book!: Mission First People Always

Episode Minute By Minute:
00:00 Are you a working mom struggling to meet expectations to perform at work and home? 
01:35 An introduction to Dr. Anne Welsh 
02:58 Anne shares her passion for clinical psychology, specifically transition to motherhood 
06:07 Anne talks about exhaustion and burn out that mothers experience 
07:12 How to say no as a mom to say no in order to reset and recharge 
13:10 How managers in the workplace can be more receptive to a flexible schedule for moms 
18:09 Anne talks about a generational shift in parenting and how it affects the workplace 
20:03 What are the strengths and leadership lessons from parenthood that should be embraced
24:22 Anne shares about her new group coaching cohort for working moms 
28:14 Anne gives her advice on how companies can do a better job of retaining working moms 
31:48 Anne gives her final thoughts and advice on how to be a better person and leader 
2:47 For more information on Dr. Anne and her work, follow the links in the show notes!

19 Sep 2023 · 34 minutes

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