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Mindful Leadership with Dr. Jenn Guignard

Episode 5

Welcome back to Mission First People Always! Today, Dr. Mike interviews Dr. Jenn Guignard about the benefits and practices of mindful leadership. During the course of our conversation, Jenn reveals the three key aspects of mindful leadership:

Metacognition (taking a step back to objectively observe what's happening) Reflection without judgment/criticism Inquisitiveness (increasing curiosity). Listen in as Dr. Guignard gives some practical examples of how to practice mindful leadership in the workplace, she explains how mindful leadership increases psychological capital in organizations. The four components of psychological capital are:

Hope (a positive mental state) Optimism (a positive approach to addressing problems) Self-Efficacy (the belief you have what it takes to take on challenges) Resilience (the ability to bounce back when you fall or face adversity). Join us as we discuss the Mission First People Always eLearning course that Jenn and Mike created, and how the practices of a Mission First People Always team include mindfulness.

To connect with Dr. Guignard, check out the links below!

Connect with Dr. Guignard:

Instagram: @leadingmindful

More About Dr. Jenn Guignard:

Dr. Jenn Guignard is a leadership professor and executive mindfulness coach. In addition to having a doctorate in Organizational Leadership and an MBA, she has studied meditation and mindfulness for 20 years. She’s taught thousands of students at the university level and thousands more at Fortune 500 companies as an executive coach and corporate trainer. This is after a 20-year career in corporate roles, having lived through the personal hardships faced by employees in the workplace. Her passion is helping others develop their leadership skills so that they may thrive in their careers.

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