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Navigating Change with Karen Simmons

Episode 10

Welcome back to the Mission First People Always Podcast! Today, we gain a new perspective on organizational change from change expert, Karen Simmons! Karen Simmons is CEO and founder of The Change Executive, an organizational development agency, based out of Sydney, Australia. She is a complex change specialist (and enthusiast!) working across the UK, Europe, USA, Asia Pacific, and Australia for the past 30 years leading and supporting high-impact social and business transformations, including service, programs, operations, and financial performance shifts, organizational restructures, and culture change.

She inspires leaders and teams to positively transform and builds capability with an innovative, outcome-focused, and inclusive approach. Bringing a depth of understanding of what it takes to transform a business (and a leader!) from the inside out.

A trusted advisor to a multitude of leaders and teams across government, private and not-for-profit sectors. As a coach, she is known for her boldness, refreshingly honest, and straightforward approach. Karen asks the questions most are afraid to, enabling her clients to gain clarity and calmness with even the most complex and challenging of situations they are facing.

Join us as we talk about why most change initiatives fall short of expectations, the difference between change and transition, why you can’t manage change, and even debunking common change myths. Listen close because this conversation is loaded with insight to make your next big change, the right one.

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Connect with Karen: LinkedIn: About The Change Executive, Sydney, Australia:

The Change Executive is an organizational change agency, providing organizational development advisory services, coaching, and facilitated learning experiences. The office and client-dedicated coaching and workshop space is based in Sydney, Australia with clients served in multiple States across Australia in both metro and regional areas.

Their mission is to support as many organizations, teams, and individuals as possible to reach their full potential and to thrive in times of change. Through building positive and resilient workforces and robust, happier, healthier sustainable workplaces.With a focus is on building the internal capability of leaders and their teams to enable organizations and individuals to realize their full potential.

We uniquely blend face-to-face and remote collaboration methods, integrating the latest global thinking, neuroscience, strength-based psychology, agile and continuous improvement practices. Leveraging 30 years of change leadership and workshop facilitation experience, we have a track record of delivering innovative, high-impact interventions in the fields of high-performing teams and leading transformational culture change.

Key Services The Change Executive provides:

Peer Coaching Networks – a unique process for breaking down silos and building powerful leadership coalitions Organizational Reviews – a way to look for opportunities for change, and identifying where are you getting stuck. Our focus is on processes, practice, and structures Change Executive Mentoring and Coaching Services – one-on-one sessions, or in-tact leadership teams

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