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Neuropsychology Basics for Leaders with Dr. Steve Swavely

Episode 11

Over 100 years ago, Henry Ford was reputed to have said, "You can have a car painted any color you want--as long as it's black." It was the beginning of mass production and the assembly line, and "once-size-fits-all" was necessary to make it all work. For many years, we have treated employees pretty much the same way. We hired people for their hands and their ability to perform certain tasks with consistency, but that is rapidly changing in the knowledge era.

We need people's intellect to help us solve complex problems and to collaborate with colleagues to get things done. We now understand that people's emotions have an impact on how effective they are at work. This is where the emerging science of neuropsychology is helping us understand how to bring out the best in those wonderfully unique people on our teams.

Welcome back to Mission First People Always! In today's episode, we meet Dr. Steve Swavely. Steve’s purpose is to help executives and organizations improve their leadership capacity through the integration of neuroscience research within leadership development programs and services. Steve helps his clients improve decision-making processes, manage resistance to change, modify self-limiting beliefs and actions, increase collaboration, and much more!

In this episode, you'll learn:

What neuropsychology is exactly? What neuropsychology offers small business owners and leaders Specific applications of neuropsychology to business success and leadership You won’t want to miss the end of this episode! Steve provides three simple questions based in neuropsychology that leaders can begin using immediately to improve their leadership:

What's going well? What can I help you with? Who should I recognize? Neuropsychology can be a powerful tool for leaders, so we hope this episode provides a good foundation on which you can build. For more resources or to get in touch, check out the links below!

Connect with Dr. Steve:

Website: Website: LinkedIn: More About Dr. Steve:

Steve holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in psychology, and his doctorate is in clinical neuropsychology from Georgia State University. Steve is an active writer on issues related to neuroscience and leadership.

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