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Performance Freedom with Tom Hanson, Ph.D.

Episode 55

55. Performance Freedom with Tom Hanson, Ph.D.

On this Episode
In this episode you’ll hear a conversation with sports psychologist, Dr. Tom Hanson. While Tom has worked with some of the biggest names in professional baseball, he is also a prolific author, coach, and sought after speaker in the corporate world. Today, we’ll explore what it takes to be a top performer in any field of endeavor. We’ll discuss mental toughness, performance inhibitors and so much more. This is a great episode for anyone who wants to elevate their performance.

What You’ll Learn
What is “commitment management” and how can we benefit from it? How do we leverage the “double-header of life” concept? What we can learn from the best hitters in baseball history What does it mean to “play big” in life? How can we improve our mental mechanics? What is the “tapping method” and how does it work?

About my Guest
Dr. Tom Hanson frees athletes and coaches, executives and work teams to consistently perform at or near their best. His Performance Freedom and Confidence and Consistency coaching programs in both sport and business train people to “Excel, Enjoy, and Evolve.” Formerly the Director of Performance Enhancement for the New York Yankees, Dr. Hanson also consulted with the Texas Rangers, Los Angeles Angels, and Minnesota Twins organizations.
He helps individuals and teams in all sports and regularly coaches in major university athletic programs such as Harvard University Baseball and Florida State Softball.
His business client list ranges from giants like Microsoft, Verizon and Pepperidge Farm to small businesses like Public Trust Advisors and insurance adjusters Johns Eastern.
He co-authored both Heads-Up Baseball: Playing the Game One Pitch at a Time and Heads-Up Baseball 2.0: 5 Skills for Competing One Pitch at a Time with Dr. Ken Ravizza.
The books have combined to sell over 200,000 copies, been adopted by many major college and professional teams, used as a college textbook, and been called “the bible for developing mental toughness,” by Collegiate Baseball.
Dr. Hanson also wrote the award-winning PLAY BIG: Mental Toughness Skills that Take Baseball Players to the Next Level, and the best-selling business fable, Who Will Do What by When? -- How to Improve Performance, Accountability and Trust with Integrity, which has sold over 30,000 copies to individuals and organizations, including the United States Government.
Dr. Hanson graduated from Luther College (IA) in 1985, earned his Master’s degree at the University of Illinois (Champaign), and his Ph.D. specializing in sport psychology from the University of Virginia (1991). He served as UVA’s hitting coach for three seasons, and his dissertation research, The Mental Aspects of Hitting, featured interviews with Hank Aaron, Stan Musial, Carl Yastrzemski, Tony Oliva, and Rod Carew. He has made a career of studying greatness and creating technologies that liberate performers from the fears and doubts that too often rob them of the joy and satisfaction they seek, and is a leader in overcoming the “yips” in baseball, golf, tennis and other activities.

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Episode Minute By Minute: 00:00
Introduction to Dr. Tom Hanson 02:21
Tom's Work with Elite Athletes and its Relevance 03:21
Challenges in Modern Management and Solutions 08:22
The Importance of Commitment in Leadership 10:24
The Power of Simplicity in Leadership 14:40
The Double Header of Life: Balancing Results and Experience 17:00
The Competitive Executive Coaching Program 22:42
The Power of Perception: Crafting Your Lens 24:02
Learning from Legends: Insights from Pete Rose 27:33
Tapping into Calm: An Introduction to the Tapping Technique 36:37
Playing Big and with Ease: Applying Sports Psychology to Management 41:19
Starting the Day Right: The Importance of a Morning Routine 43:27
Closing Thoughts: The Path to Greatness

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