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Radical Resilience with Dr. Andy Garrett

Episode 63

How do you navigate the difficult things in life and keep going? Better yet, how do you navigate the tough stuff, take a few gut punches, deal with setbacks, and come back even better? That takes a radical form of resilience and that’s what we discuss in this episode with clinical psychologist, Dr. Andy Garrett.

Guest Bio
Dr. Andy is the world’s leading authority on Radical Resilience. He’s a clinical psychologist with over two decades of experience working with executive clients at his Newport Beach practice.
In addition to growing a thriving in-person clinical practice, Dr. Andy is a prolific course creator, author, and keynote speaker teaching corporate radical resilience to top companies around the country. Using contemporary research and psychological best practices Dr. Andy has created a framework to replicate the Radical Resilience he directly learned from his grandfather, Carl Karcher, founder of Carl's Jr. This framework helps individuals and corporate teams cultivate a culture of Radical Resilience to thrive during seasons of adversity, and flourish regardless of the environmental context.
With decades of clinical research, private practice, and business consulting under his belt, Dr. Andy is guiding companies in Radical Resilience - providing organizations with an antidote to corporate fragility - thereby enabling them to grow and thrive through today’s uncertain economic times. Dr. Andy has been featured on NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox News, Sports Illustrated, ISI, the Institute for Educational Advancement among other national publications and news outlets.

What You’ll Learn
An understanding of radical resilience and how it can benefit you
Why successful people lack a sense of fulfillment
Why discussing personal core values in the workplace is important Top skills necessary for success in the next decade

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Episode Minute By Minute: 0:00 Introduction to the importance of resilience and the guest, Dr. Andy Garrett, a clinical psychologist specializing in radical resilience. 1:16 Welcome to the Mission First People Always podcast and introduction of Dr. Andy Garrett. 2:50 Overview of Dr. Andy Garrett's professional background and connection to his grandfather, Carl Karcher. 3:24 Discussion about Carl Karcher and the personal impact he had on Dr. Andy Garrett. 7:08 Introduction to the concept of True North Radical Resilience and its development. 8:16 Core ideas and principles behind the True North Radical Resilience program. 10:00 Launch of the program during COVID-19 and its impact on participants. 13:22 Explanation of the term "radical resilience" and its significance. 15:12 Discussion on authenticity, self-awareness, and their importance in resilience. 17:00 Example of a company with misaligned values and how True North Radical Resilience helps. 18:52 Pillar 1: Establishing clear and consistent direction. 20:00 The importance of having a true north and its impact on leadership and team performance. 21:00 Example of leadership misalignment and its consequences. 22:54 Pillar 2: Mindset and motivation. 24:36 Importance of intrinsic motivation and its benefits over extrinsic motivation. 25:28 Pillar 3: Optimizing physiology for resilience, including sleep, diet, exercise, and active recovery techniques. 27:00 Explanation of active recovery techniques and their benefits. 28:00 Metaphor of cows and buffaloes in dealing with challenges. 29:00 Story of a manager who transformed his approach using the buffalo mindset. 31:00 The critical role of community and support systems in resilience. 33:00 Example of Carl Karcher's resilience during tough times and its influence on Dr. Andy Garrett. 35:00 Importance of true north in resilience programs. 36:00 Dr. Andy Garrett's final practical advice: creating space between what happens and our response. 38:07 Conclusion and thanks to Dr. Andy Garrett, with encouragement to connect with him for more information on radical resilience.

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