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Team Effectiveness Around the World with Pete Baker

Episode 37

On this episode, you’ll meet Pete Baker, a senior leader in Human Resources for a variety of organizations, who has worked in nine countries of the course of his 30-year career. During that time, he has learned a great deal about what makes teams successful and the kind of interaction that ignites innovation and energized collaboration. He shares some of what he has learned from his journey in a fun, upbeat conversation.

We talk about what defines a highly effective teams, what it takes to build them, and how trust is the foundation of every highly effective team. You’ll also hear how cultural differences may impact team effectiveness and the creation of trust. My guest brings tremendous wisdom and practical experience from which you will most certainly benefit.

About the Guest

Pete Baker is Vice President of Human Resources for Amcor Rigid Packaging, a world leader in the manufacturing of rigid packaging for the food, beverage, spirits, personal care, home care and healthcare industries with 61 facilities in 12 countries.

Pete previously held senior HR roles at First Abu Dhabi Bank, AP Moller Maersk and Procter & Gamble. A native of Australia, Pete has lived in nine countries throughout his career. Pete's passion within business is driving team effectiveness and leadership transformation. He currently lives with his wife in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

What You’ll Learn

That disagreements on teams are good If handled well. Those disagreements drive creativity and innovation What keeps people from sharing ideas What’s at risk when people on a team aren’t willing to freely sharing their ideas How trust is the foundation of all effective teams The components of trust

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