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The Antifragile Team with Jodi Orgill Brown

Episode 6

Welcome back to Mission First People Always! In this episode, Dr. Mike interviews Jodi Orgill Brown about what it takes to build an antifragile team. "Antifragile" is a term coined by mathematical statistician Nissim Taleb whose work is focused on dealing with randomness, probability, and uncertainty. It suggests a property of systems that increase their capability to thrive amidst stressors, attacks, mistakes, and volatility--something we've all experienced in sometimes overwhelming degrees in the past 2-years. Listen in as Jodi reveals the actions leaders and teams must take to build antifragility into their culture.

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On this episode you’ll hear:

You can't always choose whether you live or die, but you can choose how you are going to live the time you have. Decide to become better, not bitter. "Recover" from challenges as you would train for a sport, set goals, milestones, and plans for how to achieve. Take control of the things you can control. Adopt an adaptive response system to handle challenges when they arise. Deal with the threat with as little interruption to "normal" life and business as possible. Test and experiment in small ways to improve. One technique to use to build in antifragility is the "Weigh In." It's a check-in with the people around you, in your family and teams. Do not judge based on "capability" alone, but also on the "weight" they are carrying at any given time. Do a regular weigh-in at team meetings, family councils, daily huddles, etc., to share the load with the group, rather than putting all the pressure on any individuals/s. Create a circle of safety with employees/teams where it is OK to share personal information for the purpose of supporting each other. Create a network of people you care about enough that you would fight for them, and they will fight for you. Choose relationships over transactions. Show up for people when they need it. Always DO something to show you care -- no act of kindness is small when someone is in need.

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Jodi Orgill Brown is a partner and keynote speaker with Global Leader Group, where she helps strengthen organizations by empowering individuals. Through her speaking, coaching, and writing, she helps people build systems to increase their capability to thrive amidst stressors and lead at any level.

Jodi is a survivor. In fact, she has an amazing story of survival and renewing her strength during her ongoing battle with cancer. In her words, she was living a white-picket-fence life in Utah, raising a young family, and thriving at work, when she was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Fifteen surgeries and dozens of complications over 12 years have given her a new, intimate understanding of both the receiving and giving sides of life.

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