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The Entrepreneurial Journey of a Pharma Quitter with Jennifer Jones

Episode 45

Have you ever dreamed about what it would be like to be your own boss? To become an entrepreneur with the freedom to choose how and when you’re going to work? Perhaps at the end of a bad day or bad week, you’ve wanted to say, like the old country song, “Take this job and shove…I ain’t working here no more.” But then you think about all of those great benefits from your corporate job–the health, dental, and vision insurance, the 401K match, and guaranteed paycheck every 2-weeks that comes in rain-or-shine…and you say to yourself, I’m going to suck it up and keep plodding along. My guest today actually broke free of the corporate handcuffs and transitioned away from a great job into what she would describe as a great, entrepreneurial business that gives her the freedom to live the life she wants to live. And she tells everyone who will listen that life is better without the corporate handcuffs. While her message is compelling, it’s probably not for everyone. But what I believe my listeners deserve is the opportunity to make fully informed decisions–and you have the right to know what’s possible–what’s out there if you want to bet on yourself and go for it. About the Guest Jennifer Jones describes herself as a quitter. She quit what most would consider a great corporate job where she was successful, made a good living, and had all the associated perks in abundance in order to begin a journey into the world of network marketing and entrepreneurialism. She is now a zealous advocate for this kind of transition that brings freedom, choice, more time with family, and wealth. What You’ll Learn How to replace a salary with 1099 income and why you should want to do it What mindset is necessary to become a network marketing entrepreneur Lessons learned during the entrepreneur's journey How “secure” job-income and benefits comes with some tradeoffs The three questions you should constantly ask when evaluating a new opportunity How to choose the right network marketing company for you Links for This Episode: Ignite and Launch Society or 314.369.5366

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