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The Solution is in the Dialogue with Peter Andrew Nixon

Episode 34

The world is in dire need of better, more productive conversations. To support that assertion, all you have to do is turn on the news to witness people talking at each other, making accusations, and interacting in ways that, in some cases, are disrespectful and in no way honor the human dignity of the people involved. My guest today contends that we would all be better off if we had better dialogue–a statement with which most of us would agree. About Today’s Guest Today’s guest is Peter Andrew Nixon, a Canadian by birth, who has spent much of his professional life in Hong Kong. He is a prolific author, consultant, coach, and trainer who focuses on better communication and collaboration to address organizational challenges and differences. He advises mainly inside organizations, but also teaches public courses at management institutes, chambers of commerce, universities, schools, and colleges around the world, including: CUHK (MBA), HKPolyU, McGill University, SFU, & Bishop’s, and HKICPA’s Financial Controllers’ Program. Peter has also appeared on TEDx, CNBC, Discovery Channel, TV5, TVB, Media Corp., YPO and EO. He is the author of the following titles, all available on Amazon: Dialogue Gap (Wiley) Negotiation: Mastering Business in Asia (Wiley) The Business Developer’s Playbook: Relationship Selling Principles and the DNA of Dialogue Selling (Taylor Francis) We're F*cked: But We can Change and Here's How (Kindle) The Change Manager's Casebook (Kindle) What You’ll Learn Why the solution is in the dialogue How dialogue is different from communication What gets in the way of good dialogue How to deal with people who don’t want to dialogue How culture affects dialogue

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