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Three Kindnesses with Odell Mitchell III

Episode 14

How do you define kindness? Selfless acts that make someone else's life better would probably be part of your definition. You might even offer examples of kind behavior like compassion, generosity, or genuine concern for others. In today's episode, we hear from a kindness ambassador who not only defines kindness in a very precise way, but teaches organizations how to build kindness into their culture.

Welcome back to the Mission First People Always Podcast! Today's guest is Odell Mitchell III. Odell Mitchell III is an entertainment attorney, organizational effectiveness consultant, and Kindness Ambassador. As co-founder of Three Kindnesses, he brings his passion for safety, empathy, and diversity to organizations, teams, and coaching clients all over the world.

The goal of Three Kindnesses is to give people permission to find places where they are celebrated, where they feel safe, where they can be their authentic selves. No matter how they are wired, how they identify, or how fast or slow they move through the world. As a Diversity & Inclusion specialist, Odell's deepest desire is to make sure people are seen and valued for exactly who they are.

Join our conversation to learn about the Three Kindnesses, safety, empathy, and diversity. The Three Kindnesses methodology is centered around these three foundational components and how critical they are for every organization to successfully take care of their people and drive performance. You’ll also learn how they can help when addressing common workplace issues like low employee engagement, endless internal conflict, high turnover, or tension in your organizational values.

Hit play to learn how you can use the Three Kindnesses methodology to take these problems out at the root and create a kinder workplace environment for everyone! For more resources or to connect, check out the links below!

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