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Turning "Doers" into Leaders with Vanessa Judelman

Episode 30

The transition from being a doer to a leader can be a difficult one for many people. Doers are outstanding individual contributors who, based on their performance in their current role, are promoted with the assumption that they will also be a good manager. In reality, some doers never become leaders. Instead, they become “super-doers” who micromanage the work of their team members with a running commentary on how they would perform particular tasks. Both the new manager and people on the team become frustrated. On today’s episode, we hear from Vanessa Judelman, an author and consultant who helps people make this transition from doer to leader. Vanessa is the President of Mosaic People Development, a company that develops leaders who inspire great results. Over the last 20 years, she has coached and developed thousands of people across the globe who want to be strong leaders. In her book, Mastering Leadership: What it Takes to Lead in Today’s Fast Paced World, Vanessa identifies the key problems facing leaders today and provides compelling solutions for the most common leadership challenges. Her goal, through the book, is to create confident, self-aware, and strategic leaders. Vanessa who works with a wide-array of world-class organizations, is often quoted in the media on issues related to leadership, and lectures in the Ted Rogers School of Management. In short, Vanessa brings a wealth of experience and expertise to our conversation today. On this episode you’ll learn: The core skills that people must learn when they move into a leadership role The three pillars of leadership success How to make leadership learning stick The importance of boundaries to stay mentally fit and focused Whether some people are simply not suited for leadership roles Learn more about Vanessa and her company and work at: Facebook: Instagram: LinkedIn: Twitter: @mosaicpd

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