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Why the Best Leaders are Mindful Leaders with Outi Hilgert, MD

Episode 43

If you are stressed out, feel like you always have too much to do and too little time to do it, find yourself to be irritable and tired, and you feel a bit disconnected from your work and the people around you, this episode is for you! Today, we hear from a medical doctor who trains her patients–and organizational leaders–on mindfulness practices and compassion skills. We’re going to talk about being more human and compassionate in the workplace, and introduce the powerful practices of mindfulness. This episode could be the wake-up call you need to make some changes–changes that you can learn and practice in as little as 5-minutes per day. Listen, learn, calm down, and become a better leader. Guest Bio Outi Hilgert is a Finnish Medical Doctor with 25 years of experience in holistic (integrative) medicine and international background working in Finland, Germany, France, and the US. Dr. Hilgert is a Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction and a Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy trainer. She teaches The Mindful Leader course at Workplace Peace Institute Leadership Academy. Her core competence is developing trauma-informed mindfulness and compassion-based interventions in medicine and society. Her particular interest is in promoting mindfulness, meditation, stress management, emotional intelligence, and self-regulation skills in preventing and treating mental and physical diseases. Dr. Hilgert is a pioneer in developing mindfulness-based digital therapeutics for mental and physical health conditions. She believes in a world where everyone has access to unique healing modalities and can find health, balance, and happiness in their life. ‌ What You’ll Learn How research suggests that we’re experiencing a global, leadership crisis that is leading to incredibly low employee engagement The causes of low engagement Working definitions for mindfulness, compassion, and mindful leadership How to learn skills of mindfulness And much more… Resources · Daily mindfulness practices in the workplace can support leaders in unlocking their employees' intrinsic motivation, and supporting them in feeling happy, healthier, safer, more cared for, and more connected to their work and to their colleagues. Mindfulness at Work: Create Calm & Focus in the Workplace · Cultivate Mindfulness in the Workplace · Wise mindful and compassionate leadership leads to employees’ better job satisfaction, organizational satisfaction, job performance, job engagement, better leader satisfaction, and decreased burnout compared to the more prevalent “uncaring execution” (putting results before people’s wellbeing) leadership style. Compassionate Leadership: How to Do Hard Things in a Human Way · The Mindful Leader Course Welcome Video The Mindful Leader Welcome Video Social Link Connect with Dr. Mike: Website: Book: LinkedIn: Instagram: Twitter: Buy The Book!: Mission First People Always Episode Minute By Minute: 0:00 This episode could be the wake up call you need 2:45 An introduction to Dr. Outi Hilgert 5:48 How Outi found herself in her particular area of focus 10:01 What is mindfulness 12:33 What is causing the disconnection in the workplace or lack of mindfulness? 15:01 The Northern European quality of life 17:46 How leaders can bring more humanity to the workplace 24:13 How to go from a stressful state to a more relaxed state 27:02 The impact mindfulness can make on your life 29:46 The Mindful Leader course 34:44 Empathy fatigue 37:12 How mindful listening can help you right now

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